No Justice, No Peace

The police officers indicted for killing Sean Bell were acquitted a couple of Fridays ago.
It was a bench trial, and there is plenty of research that suggests this was a good legal strategy on the part of the defendants.

But I haven't written a word since then, nor done much else but mourn.
What is the point? This shit is just going to keep happening. I did not know the departed, but if the NYPD wanted him dead they should have indicted him and tried him and tried to put him away for life.

Not execute him on the street, like a dog.

To pay some tribute to this non-justice, the novel Autobiography/Masquerade (which addresses the frustration of shootings like this one, among other things) will be available for FREE download from now until June 28th. (It is usually ten dollars. Just click above on the title to the novel and you will be taken to my Lulu page where you may choose the "download free" link. The print version is not included in this act.)

And dem is my last words.

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