Back To the Dems

Clearly, the expectations of a landslide for Clinton in Pennsylvania have waned, if not altogether vaporized. The suspense is killing me softly, though it is clear that the superdelegates will be deciding this one.
Mayor Bloomberg, who has not yet endorsed a candidate, is one individual who I wish was up for this job, and as my wish that Giuliani disappear from the presidential ballot has already been granted, perhaps this desire for a third party candidate will be sated as well.
Choices are good, though, of course a third party candidate could ensure a republican v-day... or, instead of having the first woman or African-American president, we might have the first billionaire prez.
As a lifelong New Yorker, I contend his positive presence is felt throughout the boroughs, though he has certainly made various controversial decisions and suggestions.
What leader of worth has not?

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