Lowest Murder Rate Since 1963 in NYC

According to NY1, New York City is on its way in 2007 to having the fewest murders on record since such record-keeping began.
The news is great for tourists and transplants, who may fear visiting the Big Apple for reasons related to crime.
These new numbers suggest that walking around New York, the most populous city in the country at just under eight million residents, is as safe as walking around Mayberry.
Crunching some very basic stats (dividing population by murders in 1 year) yields the interesting result that a person in New York has a 1 in 16,000 chance of meeting her demise via homicide.
And that means a woman has a better chance of dying during childbirth (1 in 10,000 for US) than a person has of being killed here.
Such good news is tempered by the rumor that the police still have no leads on the shooting at the Broadway N Train Station that took the life of a nineteen year old male.