I Love NYC

I saw a guy selling t-shirts in on the subway Tuesday. That in itself is not really a big deal. Our salesman was worth noting because he pulled his wares out on wire hangers. They were black t-shirts with a variation of the iconic “I love NY” logo on them. The shirts were covered in those flimsy plastic covers the dry cleaning comes in. Mr. Intrepid hung the shirts off the poles on the ceiling that we grip during rush hour.
Sometimes we even have to fight for a full hand’s width around those horizontal poles. Intrepid was glibly taking up about twenty inches of real estate on those very poles.

It is indicative of August in the city I guess. Everybody is out of town, ergo the trains are less crowded, especially as it was just shy of two PM.
But still, high end shirts and an instant display rack.
Intrepid’s first customer approached him just as he had finished setting up. And then I had to switch to the 6.

With what some people are insisting is a tornado touching down in Brooklyn today, the subway, and all its opportunity seeking merchants, are out of luck, at least for a few hours.
Residents of Bay Ridge had roofs torn off their homes, and it is estimated that at least fifteen-hundred people in the Bronx and Staten Island are without power.

Last I checked on NY1, the only train that is running is the 7, which runs from Shea Stadium in Queens to Times Square.
I love New York, especially today, as I am a resident of Queens, where the train is running, albeit slowly, I still have a roof, and my power has not been disrupted.