Happy Birthday America

Ah, privacy. Everybody wants more for themselves, perhaps at the cost of the privacy of others. What a conundrum.
Using Facebook Graph Search I ran a search for "Persons who work at NSA" and got back over one-thousand search results. Interesting, in and of itself since this would imply that even potentially  sensitive information faces its eventual demise at the hands of crowdsourcing and self reporting. The photos have been retouched to observe privacy.

What will we, collectively, do with all of that information? Learn the Bill of Rights, I hope. Here are the results for a graph search for "People who work at NSA who like the US Constitution."

As you can see, only one person of the "more than 1000 people" fit this criteria. A friend reminded me yesterday that the greatest battle Americans have ever fought is with ourselves. I wholeheartedly agree.
So, on this, the 237th birthday of my native and most beloved country, I want to wish the USA a happy birthday. To those in other lands who hate us because we are a vibrant, free and diverse culture: stuff it. To those who protect us, often in silence: Thank you! Please read the Constitution, it's awesome.

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