Comparing Gas Prices

This image was taken off Las Vegas Boulevard a few days back. (Much to the amusement of the other persons in the station.) The lowest priced gasoline (regular) is $2.99. After photographing this amazing deal, I realized just how serious this gas crunch is.
What is so exciting about three dollar gas, other than it being cheaper than three sixty-seven gas in NYC?

Attentive readers may note my commentary on the Democratic candidates for the office of American president, with a focus on their latest debates, has, of yet, to be published.
If all goes to plan, it will be published by the time they start voting in Texas.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the tip... I always get those two mixed up.

stanza28 said...

You mean the Empire State or LV and NYC? (I heard a lady tell another- Go Inside NY NY--the casino-- it's just like a visit to the City- demented!)