No Mercy For The Sleeping or The Poor

So I took kind of a long, drug induced nap. And woke to a world where McCain swept yesterday's primaries as did Obama.

what a person gotta come to when they lose thirty hours?

Is is nothing but good news for someone of my own orientations. Though I favor Clinton, I would be overjoyed to see Obama in the White House.
Even McCain, who is undoubtedly a war-monger, in my humble opinion, is a huge step up from the current administration. I feel rather certain about this because the republicans I know are miserable. They know they already lost.

And the writers guild strike is over!

In other matters, I received an email from an old colleague detailing the conditions at a detention center for persons with immigration status issues. According to her letter, pregnant women are being denied food because "no one invited them here."
That's funny, I though the Statue in the harbor said something like, "Send me your poor..."
I have written to my source in Texas and requested more information. Yes, the detention center she writes about is in Texas, on American soil.

Bottom line- these paces operate for profit. How will your favorite presidential candidate address this issue of unchecked avarice?