United Nations Tour

The UN intimidates me. The last time I went near there I was arrested- there was a demonstration on police misconduct that went awry. Resultantly, upon my visit today, I made no sudden gestures and surrendered my many gadgets for inspection.
Both photographs are of the Security Council Room. In the one with no people, you may have a chance to appreciate the mural in the background. The next one was taken as preparations were being made for a meeting regarding the ongoing "Peacekeeping" mission in Kosovo. (This link to the BBC tells of the meeting's outcome.)
I learned that in the meeting room that now serves as a spare, the ceilings were left exposed, loft style, by a designer who wanted to communicate that the work of the UN would never be finished. Pretty bold for the fifties, I think.
There are several programs that use new media to create an interactive experience that is aimed at having average Jill pitch in with the many missions the organization has. For more on that, click here.
I am left with one question: how is the UN viewed by the many candidates for president? Definitely would like to know more about that...