Intake Form When Working With Start Ups

Over the years via trial and error I have developed this intake form when working with parties interested in starting a business. I read all of the questions out loud to each party and solicit an answer from them. The parties learn more about each other and it now takes me less time to sort out whether a meeting is likely to turn into a client or a frog.

The question "Are you currently involved in litigation?" is intentionally duplicated.

Feel free to copy, modify and distribute; all warranties disclaimed.

Are you known by any other names?
Email address?
Work address?
Home address?
Is it okay to send mail to either/both?
Okay to leave vm?
Driver’s License#?
Currently involved in litigation?
Member of a licensed profession?
Marital status?
How did you come to contact me?
Briefly explain what you need assistance with today?

Ideally, if things turn out precisely the way you want, what would the outcome be?

Nature purpose of the business?

Please classify your urgency in concluding this matter? (check one)
[ ] Critical – Personal safety or continuation of business depends on it.
[ ] Very important – severe hardship, personal or financial inconvenience if matter is not resolved quickly.
[ ] Important – Matter interferes with business or personal financial stability.
[ ] Needs to be done, but no immediate hardship in the interim.
[ ] Just thought I’d see if it was worth pursuing, but I’m not counting on anything.
[ ] Just wanted to know what my rights are? I’ll then let you know after I think about it.

Have you been served with any legal papers with regard to the matter for which you are seeking counsel?

Currently involved in litigation?

Have you previously had an ownership interest in a business entity?

How did it end or does it continue?

How much of the business do you anticipate that you will own?

What state, what county?

Are you willing to be a responsible party with regard to IRS correspondence?

Do you want your lawyer or the entity to accept process from the state?

Do you anticipate filing any trademarks or copyrights?

Any existing trademarks or copyrights?

Any germane documents to which you do not have access?

Will you require the review of a lease or the purchase of RP as a place to conduct business?

Members/ SHs Meeting once a year okay?

Under what circumstances will the business cease to exist?

Who will get your ownership interest in the event of disability/ death?

To whom should correspondence including attorney’s bills be sent?

Are we the first attorneys you have consulted regarding this matter? [ ] Yes [ ] No
If No – Why didn’t you hire their services?

Following your initial interview, if you agree to hire the Attorney, and the Attorney agrees to represent you, you will both sign an Agreement for Representation. The Agreement for Representation will set forth the terms and conditions of representation.
If the Attorney is willing to represent you and you decide not to sign an Agreement of Representation today, you are strongly urged to schedule a second appointment with the Attorney at the earliest possible time or to immediately consult with other legal counsel to protect your rights.

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