Vallone Meets Serpe

The candidates for New York City Council District 22 met in a debate at Ricardo's in Astoria tonight.
Though she got off to a shaky start, by the end of the debate it was apparent that Lynne Serpe had captured the spectators' imagination. Applause resonated through the banquet hall as Serpe made a final earnest appeal for votes on November 3rd.
Peter Vallone, the incumbent, and an easy favorite coming into the debate, directed the same spectators to his extensive voting record during his closing statements.

The debate was moderated by a local newspaper. Issues covered included library budgets, green jobs, zoning, graffiti and issues facing pedestrians in Astoria's shopping districts.
Serpe, a relative newcomer, will challenge Vallone, of the Astoria political dynasty, in November's election for City Council.

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