Twelve Days To Penn

With the hotly contested Pennsylvania contest approaching, the democratic candidates are busy giving speeches and raising money.
They are also working on raising their profiles.
While in the Philadelphia area recently, I saw an inspiring Obama ad in a prime time slot. In the ad, Obama claimed to have never accepted money from "big oil" lobbyists. It was exciting.

The same is true of Clinton: she is advertising during prime time.
What is currently fascinating is the cadre of celebrities these candidates have tapped into in order to help them raise money and recruit voters.
Musician Elton John, who was knighted some time ago (so it is actually "Sir Elton") raised money for Clinton with a concert.

With twelve days remaining before the important race, it looks like the candidate who can raise the most money, and thus pay for the best time slots on television, will have a decided advantage as most voters (most people) do not have unlimited free time to research and examine which candidate suits their needs best.

Would you like Pepsi or Coke?

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