Sundays are for Open House

Another Open House Sunday in this early and not too warm spring. This is the kind of day I see people frantically walking up and down this and the neighboring blocks, looking for a nice apartment, condo or home.
Wanting to live in Astoria makes sense- and all the people who have moved here of late have made this a gentler kinder neighborhood, just through the revenue they have brought in, for starters.
So I welcome you, new people.
But don't be desperate!
There's plenty of no fee apartments on craigslist and elsewhere. If you score an apartment without a fee, you can use that money to invest in your new place, or figure it into your budget, so you maybe able to make a slightly larger rent payment.
I know you want to get moved in quickly, but there are a lot of great places out there; you don't have to take the first apartment you see (though that is how it usually goes...).

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