NAFTA Talks in New Orleans and More on Dems

Though it is not always easy, tuning out the interpreter and hearing the President of Mexico or the Prime Minister of Canada articulate in their country's language is highly instructional.
(It is also sometimes appalling how off the interpreters are! One more reason to learn another language.)
My French comprehension is only decent as compared to English or Spanish, but it is enough to be able to see the disparity in the level of communication skills between our president and the other two leaders.
They both spoke eloquently, PM of Canada in both French and English; the President of Mexico's speech is downright elegant, though I do think he should speak English like the rest of Mexico.
...and then there is Dubya. How embarrassing. Shouldn't the president of the United States speak English at least as well as a college debater?

How is it that Bill Clinton, so beloved by so may people of color, can go on Pennsylvania radio and say that Obama "played the race card"?

Maybe he wants his wife to lose. As a person of color, I'm totally surprised and somewhat nonplussed (in the non-neoligistic way).

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