MMI and the Bailout (Unrelated)

The Museum of the Moving Image closed for renovations according to a press release and the local bulletin board- about a week ago.
Having been there recently I do not feel taken off guard, and though I look forward to its triumphant reopening in late 2009, where am I supposed to go to play video games in the interim?

The cost of the expansion and renovation project, according to the press release, is sixty-five million dollars. How will that influx of cash and jobs shape 35th avenue in the year to come?
The prospect of an outdoor summer screening room is the most attractive part of the project- for me. Also, I highly anticipate the redesigned entrance which should boast some really eye cool eye junk.

The sounds of construction can get really old really fast, but if I was the person trying to unload the multiple dwelling unit around the corner from MMI- I would perform a sanity check. That building should appreciate considerably between now and the reopening, easily.

Back to the elections: I’m watching the candidates in PA courting those last votes.

Our political dialogue is now about the movie Rocky. What a joke. Clinton’s fabulous scarf is duly noted. She looks more confident and poised. So does Obama.

Also, Senator Schumer is on the Hill asking the fed why Bear Stearns needed a bailout over the many Americans fighting to stay in their homes.
You go Chuck!

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