Let Us Proclaim the Mystery of Faith

In a little while my presence is expected at St.Joe's. This is a place were time has slipped through my fingers and lives through my impoverished mind.

You may have seen the church in a film or on television. It figures prominently within Astoria history, but even the wiki link for Astoria does little more than tell you it that it exists--there is not even a link to the school page. The Astoria history site with all the local churches listed also mentions it only in passing.

It is a lovely stained glass windowed Roman Catholic church, well over a century old, and has breathed more fiercely with every little cry and gasp that has been heard or felt inside.

Do people still wear hats to church? I will hope for a pressed gray suit and a quick sermon, because being in there doesn't make me feel saved, it makes my skin crawl with memories I have labored for years to erase.

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