Another Rigged Election?

Many of the earnest lost faith in the electoral process decades ago. Others lost it in the time of the Florida Fracas.
What about the people who still have faith in the American electoral process? They will be seeing an election about rules, and the exceptions to those rules--these are commonly known as loopholes.
Obama definitely lost Ohio (Wretched state; takes like four hours to drive through and one never finds oneself saying, "Oh, let's stop here!"). Clinton is a direct beneficiary of Texas' bifurcated process. She won by less than a hundred-thousand votes but will be receiving the support of 16 delegates to Obama's ten.

And with Huckabee's resignation, the republican party is officially out of the race. Visiting this link, by the way, will take you to some nutso christian page, but the video is hilarious, though perhaps not in any of the ways its creators intended...

So what does that leave? A staunch independent in republican's clothing (though his apparent love of war and alleged hate of gays seems genuinely republican), and a democratic nominee that will suffer from a perception of illegitimacy due to the party's superdelegate system.

Forget whether this is what our (white, male, slave-owning) forefathers intended. Is this what we, as Americans, want to communicate to the rest of Earth about elections?
And what the fuck is up with running out of ballots? Is this 1984?

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