Agression Against Colombia Continues

Here is the story. From my (American-Left-Latin) point of view, I find this "crisis" to be largely manufactured by Chavez, with his puppets (the heads of Ecuador and Nicaragua) falling in line behind him.
The truth is simple- Colombia does not want to be a communist country. For this reason (among others) the US lends quite a bit of support, both financially and militarily to Colombia.
Resultantly, at the summit today, Colombia was described as "imperialistic" and a "puppet of the United States."
This is really about oil. Venezuela and Colombia have some of the greatest deposits of non-renewable resources in the western hemisphere. However, Colombia has coastal territories that border both the Atlantic and Pacific, in contrast to Ecuador or Venezuela.

Colombia wants to develop the infrastructure for the refinement and distribution of said oil in a market economy, and its "communist" neighbors resent that. (They use the whole socialist/communist tag-line to recruit the very poor- but mostly these are terrorist backed organizations. Colombia managed to terminate FARC's number 2 a few days ago, and found documents implicating Ecuador and Venezuela in a plot to fund FARC- which has basically been trying to destroy Colombia since the fifties. And, FYI- the US and EU recognize FARC as a terrorist organization, akin to Al Qaeda.)

These dictators are now attempting to intimidate Colombia. These are highly corrupt governments, and I posit they are simply puppets for the narco-terrorists that Colombia is working to destroy.

The entire male side of my family served in the Colombian/American military; they have provided me with a wealth of information regarding the corruption from which all of these countries has suffered.

But only one of these nations has been internationally noted for attempting to exit this form of process.
So what happens to the nearly forty-five million people who live in Colombia?

Presidential hopefuls- if you want to rock the vote, you better formulate a plan to save my people from this growing fracas, not only because the American Government was instrumental in placing Colombia where it is today (SOA anyone?), but also because Colombians that live in the United States generally become American Citizens who pay taxes and vote. So do many other Latinos- they left Latin America because they chose to, and though not monolithically, we prefer a regulated market economy.

You want the Latino Vote- here's your chance.

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