While I Was Trapped in a Plane

Fidel Castro stepped down (I secretly believe he has been dead for years). Woo-hoo!

Someone I know well helped assassinate Che Guevara, so I am overjoyed. (They disclosed this to me in detail years before the CIA files were declassified, which is why I buy the tall tale.)
Also, there was apparently a US Marshall on my flight.
A man was smoking in the restroom- it was quite the commotion, and the passenger that seemed to have something to do with restraining the gentleman the SECOND time he went into the restroom to smoke, appeared to be a Marshall. He was undercover, and though I had the opportunity to photograph him, I didn’t.

Get the patch dude, smoking on a commercial flight is serious business.

(Yes, I know this all happened two days ago, but some legal matters have been monopolizing my attention.)

Obama is winning me over. My main concern until now has been that he is a flaky talking head. Today I learned that he tries to do this because in the past he faced difficulty for being “too intellectual.” His short speeches make more sense to me; he is apparently catering to the morons, which are most voters.
It must be difficult to be a smart guy pretending to be a talking head. I have newfound sympathy for this candidate, though I still wish to know what exactly he plans to do about health care for our nation.

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