This Must Be What Hell Looks Like

Rampant consumerism is a pet peeve, so a store with the moniker "Buy Buy Baby" is particularly revolting to me. Is that not literally, "Purchase, Purchase Baby"?
Especially here in the States, I find it hard to believe that a new person coming into the world needs all this crap. Isn't that what hand-me-downs are for?
Children, and infants especially, grow at an alarmingly quick rate, such that most of their things only get used/worn a couple of times. With the exception of diapers, maybe, what is wrong with recycling? Or (gasp) making it yourself?
I don't have offspring, but if I did, I would ask one of my many family members who does, for the stuff taking up space in their basements. The kid is not going to remember that his stroller/carseat/crib was not purchased new, so clearly all this shopping is for the egos of the adults.

Adults: get your egos in check. Even if you had some hand-me-down that bothered you (I had plenty and remember liking that these things once belonged to another beloved family member), get some talk therapy and get the fuck over it. There is nothing wrong with accepting a bassinet from your neighbor, or a changing table from your auntie.

But there is definitely something wrong with this creepy consumer inferno.