If We Build It, And They Come, Will They Behave?

These are some images taken yesterday, in and around LIC. The rezoning of Long Island City in the late last century paved the way for these developments.
But where are all the people who are to inhabit these high rise towers coming from?
The economy is weak, and the price tag on these places is strong.

Will any subsidies be offered; or incentives for first time buyers? If we are we destined to become an annex to the East side of midtown, we should be getting more police, firemen and more litter baskets. Emphasis on the litter baskets, some of these newbies are slobs--did they stand behind you with a broom in the wealthy enclaves of Oklahoma or wherever it is you come from?

Returning to the growing prevalence of the term “midtown east,” I out of hand reject it. This is Astoria, or Long Island City, or if you are in deeper, Sunnyside. It is not midtown East. The only cool thing in Midtown East is the United Nations, and that does not even count as part of New York. So, other than some foreign dignitaries, do you know anyone who wants to live in the East 40s? C’mon, where’s the character--LIC kicks that neighborhood’s ass every day of the week with its crazy skyline, and artist infused, multicultural diversity.

We are not mid-town East. We are our own part of the universe- say it with me: EL EYE SEE.

Back to the newbies:
Stop making my streets so dirty you inconsiderate pricks. Big city does not mean you abandon all social etiquette, it means you adjust it.
And when I get a fantastic picture of one of you throwing some non-biodegradable cup out your SUV window (complete with out of state plates) as you get ready to go see another hi-rise for you and your husband/wife/partner/computer/robot/kid, not only am I publishing it here, I am going to make copies and post them on the trees and walls around the neighborhood.
Yes, I do have that much time on my hands. Consider yourselves politely warned, litterbugs.