Election Battle Gears Up for Tuesday

Wow, the Democratic debates were quite the snoozer, with both of them trying to seem like nice people. I do not want a nice person in office, I want an efficient, intelligent, problem solver that is proactive and independent.

Move On has endorsed Obama, and the New York Times has endorsed Clinton. JFK's daughter has endorsed Obama. That is certainly her right, as it is mine, but, who cares what she thinks? This isn't about place settings or the proper length of a cocktail dress.

Like it or not, it is turning out to be about race.
The statistical studies (the ones I have read) show African-American voters are overwhelmingly supporting Senator Obama.

I predict the exit polls will be a quagmire the networks will be crawling out of for months. I predict people who are polled on Super Tuesday will be more likely to lie about the identity of the candidate for whom they voted, especially if they are within earshot of their neighbors.
It should be interesting to watch the Fourth Estate handle this one.
And I still have not received my postcard telling me where to vote--though I will not blame it on a right-wing conspiracy, because, after all, this is New York.

Oh, and I have no health insurance, and a horrific flu, so I probably will not be able to make it to the polls Tuesday anyway.