Why The White Man Loves Obama

White Man's Guilt.

None of this is to imply Obama is not qualified, so do not get any stupid ideas.

The kind of white man I am talking about is of average intelligence, "went to school," is middle class, and feels like he carries the burden of his more overtly bigoted ancestors all the time.
He is also a closet bigot. He is tired of having to watch his mouth. He uses the"n" word when his closest old friends are around, and to him it feels like bonding. He is sick of that damn black lady clerk always mouthing off at him at Social Services as he attempts to defraud Medicaid. Tired of it!

His bigotry is the most insidious kind.
He sees voting for Obama, and telling everyone about it, as his long-awaited "get out of bigot card."

It would be funny if these pricks put Obama in the White House; very Confederacy of Dunces. Because, after all, He is still a majority in this country.