Was Seventy-Three a Good Year?

If John McCain obtains the Republican ticket, and subsequently defeats the Democratic, and perhaps, independent contenders, we Americans will swear in a president in 2009 who will turn seventy-three in that same year.
That would make it him eighty or so when his double term ends.
As he searched for a way to liken himself to Reagan during last night's debate, I wondered if it occurred to him to say, I will be about as old, my brain perhaps as atrophied.
Hey, these things come with age. McCain has already said some weird things, like when he allegedly referred to Putin as the President of Germany.
And we do not even know who his running mate will be.
Mostly, I am okay with this candidate; I certainly take issue with the whole, no abortions, no gay marriage thing.
But mostly, I am not into puppets. More information on his potential running mate is required, quickly.