Hillary Is Finally a True New Yorker

By Denise Grey, Esq.

I am actually a Hillary supporter. I've always dug her politics. When critics called her a "carpet bagger" and such because she and Bill purchased a home in New York and took up domicile there in order for her to run for a New York State Congress seat, I was a little worried about her chances of winning. She clearly chose to run in New York State because of the huge liberal constituency in New York City and we all know Black folk love Bill Clinton; Upstate New Yorkers seemed to despise the woman.

However, now no one can ever accuse Ms. Clinton of not being a true New Yorker again because after the recent results at the Iowa Caucus Hillary finds herself in the same predicament that many New York City white women who jog through Central Park every morning find themselves each and every day....Hillary senses that there is a big Black man running closely behind her and despite her liberal beliefs, she's starting to get pretty scared!

Ya gotta love it!

(I am printing this with permission from the author named in the byline; it is wittier than anything I could have written on the subject. Thanks for contributing D! -stanza28)