Election Blab

When I learned Obama took Iowa, at first I thought, damn that Oprah Winfrey, she has so much sway (and wealth) with the American public, she can swing this his way (on the blue side).
Clearly, I have been viewing Mr. Obama as an object and not a human being; I am not particularly versed in Mr.Obama’s political philosophy or the record of its execution, I just have been seeing him as the guy that’s gonna split the vote and allow a Republican to take the white house AGAIN.
(Though I pledge to become better acquainted with the facts and circumstances.)
Hilary is who I have been planning to vote for, not because she’s white, definitely because she is a woman, and mezzo mezzo on her voting history.
Of course, if Obama gets the nomination, I will vote for him.

Apparently, women younger than me, who do not remember sexism very well are ignoring her at the polls. The media suggests these young women are not their grandmothers, but do they speak with their older sisters?
Of course the same may be said for African-Americans in this country, though I had never thought of Obama as the ‘Black” candidate. Up until now I’ve just thought of him as the very young candidate who could split the left vote and cost us the election.
But you must hear me clearly on this: if there is a rupture among the blues (and there will be) you must vote the party.

We simply cannot afford another four years of Republican rule.
They say one should not make bald faced assertions without a proof to follow up, however I consider it axiomatic that the Bush/Red regime has lasted far too long and cost us far too much.

As to Iowa- I was there last summer:
My first whiff was at a rest stop about sixty miles in from the northeast border where I encountered a hateful rag provided at no cost by an organization that goes by the name “Project Restore.”
The cover of the magazine was a familiar Nine-Eleven image of the Trade Center being destroyed. Over the grisly photo, a transparent layer had been placed with the “Ten Commandments” on it. (They made us memorize these in Catholic school.)
Beyond the image and commandments, still on the cover, there was some statement about having lost our way.
I felt extremely enraged that my devastation, everyone’s devastation, was being pimped to incite fear and right wing overzealous Christianity and the Ten Commandments.
Not that they are bad rules; I think they are extremely practical.
But they were being used to peddle scared Christianity, anti-Islamic sentiment, even, in my opinion.
I found Project Restore's phone number and called them from the rest stop.
There was nothing Christian about what I said to that guy, nor were his carefully measured words of hate particularly Jesus-like either.

Back in the trusty auto (and gas was like, a dollar less a gallon) and didn’t stop 'til I got to Des Moines.
Des Moines appeared lovely, historic and picturesque.
The charming young man at an art gallery showed me some great work, I sold some CDs to a record store guy who drew me a map of a scenic road in Nebraska, I had a freezing coffee in some non-Starbucks coffee place, and found some swanky maternity clothes for my then pregnant friend.
It was a beautiful, if very hot day.

What a cool little town.

Landlocked by all that red...
And Mr.Obama’s victory there suddenly seems more rational and foreseeable.

While on the subject of the election- let’s address the Fourth Estate:
Bill O’Reilly: You committed battery when you touched, pushed and prodded Obama’s security guy. That’s not just a tort, it is, in my opinion, criminal, you immoral, hypocritical, bully prick.
Saying you are a journalist is like saying the traffic court judge is a judge. Technically, it’s true, and that’s about it.