Tiffany Blue(s)

In preparation for that ubiquitous holiday of yesterday, I ordered some gifts from online sources. I did this rather late last week.
One such order was from tiffany.com. I received a shipping confirmation from them over the weekend, asserting my order would be received "on time for Christmas," complete with a tracking number through ups.
I started calling ups late Monday; customer service could only confirm the tracking number was related to a "ground order."
Tiffany's eight-hundred number's recorded voice advised me the line operated through midnight on weekdays, but it was currently closed (it was Monday).
Tuesday I made no effort in this matter.
Today (it's Wednesday here) I called the Tiffany's 800 number again. The recorded voice informed me that "due to high post-holiday traffic" my call could not be connected -then, a dial tone.

And I am still waiting for that package.

Aside from trying to figure out what measure of consideration I am owed in light of this unfortunate situation, I have one other major thought on this matter. It is advice:
Don't be a punk. If you live where it is a ten minute subway ride to the store, go there and get the damn gift instead of ordering it and waiting for it to come from Kentucky or wherever on some huge gas guzzling truck.
That's my mistake.