Assault in the Heart of Little Greece

The case of near rape in the Ditmars Section of Astoria is exceedingly troubling. For an update on the investigation from Newsday click here.
The worst part, aside from the fact, that, yes, we truly live in a little paradise where stuff like this does not usually happen, is the proximity of the place of assault and St. John's Preparatory School.
I hope they catch this guy and push a consecutive sentence.

A baseball player once famously said, "I'll show you the Bronx."

I will now go on the record saying this guy is better off being caught by the NYPD than by one of us.
True, we grew up, we got careers, respectable wardrobes, stopped dealing drugs, did our time, whatever, but we have not forgotten how to bring the pain if necessary.
And we won't.
That's why it's so safe here in the first place, stupid.