Just Keep Your Mouth Shut

Okay, I have been boycotting companies like Nike and Guess and Wal-Mart for years. I don't like what I hear and read about their labor practices. (Actually boycotting Guess is easy; that’s some ugly-ass shit.) But I am faced with the reality that my one-person boycott is not exactly messing with their bottom line.
When a local contractor made an inappropriate and vile ethnic joke in my place, I had the chance to make a better point. No more doing business with that company, and unlike with Nike, he just might feel it in his wallet.
There are a bunch of gasoline brands I won't buy either, but I'm not going into that. If they will kill small countries in Africa for oil, I’d just as much prefer staying out of the fray.
Why do I have a car in NYC? Many of us who grew up here have “always had a car.” This isn’t as pretentious as it sounds. Tomorrow is a gridlock alert day but I will be in the auto as picking up a friend in midtown with her luggage to go a few stops on the subway isn’t very viable. Getting your shit searched thrice in a month is more on par with reality. The tourist is from a red state. She’d freak out about a random search because they don’t do that where she is from (except to me), but she would be conflicted because she believes the delusion the war machine loves to sell i.e. sticking up for individual rights is un-American.