Broken Rules Yield Typical Results

Ignored my 11 year boycott at my own peril. While I realize their labor practices have probably not changed much since I initiated my boycott, I yielded out of weakness and was rudely reminded why DISNEY SUCKS.
After shelling out the entry fee and having my fingerprint scanned to enter (why the fuck was I okay with this in the first place is a question I still am asking self), we roamed in search of childhood nostalgia. I was on that small rollercoaster in Frontierland when it got stuck very near the top and we had to be moved off the ride via scary steep steps.
I whipped out my mini DV and started recording our evacuation. Someone closer to the front end of the evacuees was told to shut off their camera, but mine kept rolling. I was scared shit as I only enjoy climbing down steep rollercoaster stairs when I have decided to do this.
We got inside this dank, cavelike place where it was fairly dark. I was asked, very sternly, to shut off my camera. I responded something along the lines of "I have the right to document our safe exit."
Too much for the Disney minions. They halted the evacuation and the woman in the front got on a phone and said she was calling "a coordinator."
A hush fell over the crowd. There was palpable tension in the air and while many of us were adults, there was at least one kid nearby. His young age -and the fact they had halted the evacuation- something that felt like duress -caused me to cede to their greedy corporate will. I just didn't want't to scare the shit out of some little kid --it's supposed to be the "Magic Kingdom" not a fiefdom.
I'm pretty pissed at myself for giving in, but more angry about the tactics used to force my hand.
Left Disney, got on a plane back to JFK less than 24 hours later.
I found my mini DV outside my luggage at the baggage claim (NOT where I packed it; lock on luggage broken), and just learned that it is malfunctioning.
Hopefully I can enlist the help of some technical person to get it to work so I can post the video clip.
Call me paranoid, but I don't this this all happened by accident.